Best of stuff 2009 Part1

Washed Out – Feel it all Around
Blissing me out and taking me to sunny havens.
From Rat Rods to F1, car culture and motorsport without adonoids.

Let the right one in
Beautiful, tense and tender Vampire movie. Bonus points for the Morrissey title reference and the boy character looking a bit like me when I was 12 years old.

Morrissey – I m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
Classic Moz, shame Patrick O’Dell didn’t direct this video and the package would have been perfect

In all its forms from the worldwide spectacle of the Eddie to the tea and cake cottage industry of Revolver.

The Hangover
Just how you imagine stag dos should be. Unfortunately in my experience its more like 10 bored blokes trying to get into a club you’d never normally dream of attending whilst wearing an ill-fitting polo shirt. Shame.

Clarks are back (again)
A new pair of Desert Boots made their way into my closet and I even went into the loft for my old Luggers. As someone dope once said ‘The best thing since stock in Clarks Wallabies’

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