My surf chat sucks

I’ve come to realise in most social situations life throws me into I can hold my own, but when it comes to communicating with fellow surfers I’m out of my depth (pardon the pun). Its not for my lack of knowledge, no its all in my little brainbox its just that information won’t leave my mouth without me seeming like Frank Spencer. Take last night for example, sat in the line up I noticed a chap on a Bear Fat Wombat, a board I’ve always admired from a far, anyway turns out me and this guy leave the water at the same time and he nods in recognition of some nice waves been had by both. When I get to the car park Wombat guy is parked across from me so I pop over with intention of getting a better look at his board and ask ‘how it goes’? Instead of this simple communication I say something unintelligibly about looking at his board, I do this too loudly as I still have BluTak in my ears so this comes across like a demand rather than a request. Then I pick up his board and whack the fin on his car whilst doing an impression of my mum appraising a surfboard. I return back to my car hoping I don’t bump into him again, as usually happens with these encounters.


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