Radio1 Masterpieces: Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Just had a listen to this radio show and it was good, Amy was really funny and Mark Ronson came over well. Even though it was pretty much about the Back to Black album I was most pleased to hear these two tracks on radio for the first time in years. It was made even better for Zane Lowe not really having much to say about this record. He was way sycophantic on the Smashing Pumpkins show, which by the way is about as much of a classic as any other post grunge album of the time, its good in places but Masterpiece I think not.

  1. Nice recommendations, thanks wheels.

    Zane Lowe is something of a dick. Chatty man? More like annoying man. He’s like so down with the kids it hurts. I met him once backstage at Brix Academy. I was chatting to Richard Ashcroft as you do (I was in the game briefly) who was sound as a pound whilst Mr Lowe seemed to think he was the star in the room. Get off your ego and make some music, then I might respect you you opinionated twat.

    Anyway name drop over. Go check out Vadoinmessico if you want a new band for the ages. Oh and yes Smashing Pumpkins were great indeed. I used to have Gish and Siamese on a constant loop for a while. Still timeless albums.

    Have a great weekend

    • wheelsontoast said:

      Cheers Josh, Lowe gets right on my wick too I had a right old moan about him here the other year

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