Swervedriver wake up call

Got into the studio early this morning and felt compelled to Spotify Swervedriver, blasting out their first album Raise at 8.15am clears the cobwebs. I always thought they looked and sounded like the ultimate garage band you’d want with your mates, they also loved Jazzmasters and a guitar pedal or two. (see Adams rig above)

  1. Steve said:

    Was listening to Swervedriver via Spotify myself the other day, first time I’d listened to them in years. A really great band, but also an underrated and somewhat forgotten one. Funny how the sound of their records takes me back to the early/mid nineties when it felt like a lot of bands were produced like that, but that it also sounds quite contemporary. Weird that the music of my teens that sounded so new is now being rehashed by today’s bands…

  2. wheelsontoast said:

    True Steve, Yuck are a great new band who unashamedly pillage this vein of music.


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