Stuff to read: Gwarizm

I often get brain freeze on the internet just like when I used to in a record shop. I’d go into Selectadisc knowing exactly what I was looking for until I stepped over the threshold and then inexplicably find myself browsing the Underground Gabba section having no recollection of what I was supposed to be looking for. Anyway I get like that alot of the time on the internet, until I recently found this blog.

Basically it reads like an autobiographical appendix of ‘shit I’ve obsessed about since age 13’. It’s all there, Stussy adverts, Holmes T-shirts, Nike Lava Domes, Phat Magazine, Zoo York skate videos, Level Magazine (still got my iron on transfer), Vintage Ralph Lauren. The final straw was an unbelievably detailed write up about Ged Wells almost forgotten Insane clothing label.

I must add whats so great about this place is the quality and substance of all the articles, the author is not like me who chucks up a pic and a handful of lines of copy if you’re lucky. No this guys knowledge of sneakers, streetware and general dope stuff is frankly intimidating. The posts are all thoughtfully written with great attention to detail, you genuinely feel this guy is writing for himself and if you happen to be into it then you’re blessed.

Anyway I personally only know maybe two other people who would know or remember all of those things listed above and they’ll probably read this post and hopefully check out Garys site and get as excited as I have.

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