Arrive hungry, leave drunk – Meat Liquor

Finally enjoyed a burger at Meat Liquor this week, theres been so much written about this joint and the Meat Wagon you can do your own Google for a more thorough review but here’s my snapshot two pence worth

Lets get to it, the burger. It was the best I think I’ve ever had, was called a Dead Hippie and it cost £7 what more is there to say, unfortunately the bar has now been set.

The place is dark, scuzzy and loud in a good way.

It’s ridiculously easy to drink there, I managed to sink 5 beers and 4 margaritas in the hour or two we were there.

Don’t go here before a big night on the pull, your clothes will stink like you’ve just finished a 12 hour shift in the kitchen. (although if you’ve adhered to the last point you wont care)

There is always a queue after 6pm though we were early so missed it, but I reckon it’s worth the wait and will go on the list next to Busaba Thai as dead certs for eating in London.


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