A day trip to Braunton

I escaped for a few days to North Devon recently, pre-booked holiday ment I was committed to a weekend of less than ideal conditions, so whilst optimistically waiting for the wind to drop (which never happened) we stopped into Braunton to visit the Museum of British Surfing. Certainly worth a visit and good to have something in the area to keep you interested if the waves aren’t playing ball. I remember seeing this in its temporary home in Brighton back in 2004 and its still got that same vibe.

Around the corner was the Gulf Stream shop, its a fact that Jools makes lovely sticks (I know because one was strapped to the roof of our car) and the shop was full of them to peruse. I was somewhat bemused by the £2 price tag for a single colour 7″x2″ sticker. C’mon I know we’re in a recession but its a grand tradition of surf/skate shops to furnish eager groms and middle men alike with the odd free sticker, or if you do need to charge put a big clear price tag on them to avoid everyones embarrassment.

Anyway my visit to Braunton finished on a high after dropping in the Nine Plus store just down the road. I’ve been a long time fan of the brand and always thought their logs and wetsuits had something a bit special about them. So after the Gulf Stream experience it was with trepidation that I stepped into another surf shop that day. Upon seeing the battered chesterfield sofa in the entrance with a choice selection of reading material nearby you know you’re not in your usual surf emporium. Greeted by really friendly guys who chatted not only about their stuff but also seemed (or at least feigned) interest in where we were from and where we surfed. Turns out they’re just awaiting a shipment of beautiful Bings to arrive and they didn’t hesitate for a second to offer up a demo model when mentioned. They were even cool when the vexed owner of the garage next door showed up pissed off at the parking/abandonment of our wagon which blocked their workshop. Go visit and see some of the nicest selection of surf empheria you’ll find in Devon but remember to park a little more considerate than we did. Pic via


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