Forgotten skate videos: Playing Fields

My mate left his backpack at my student house once and never picked it up. It was a camouflage Shorties backpack so that should give you an idea of the era I’m talking about. Anyway when it was clear Stu was never coming back for it I staked my claim and inside was a VHS copy of Playing Fields. This video turned out to be one of the best skate movies I’ve seen and its very close to my heart. Maybe because of the variety of UK spots, potholed suburban streets, Radlands in Northampton and legendary London locations. Maybe it the incredible line up of homegrown skaters like Alex Moul, Colin Kennedy, Frank Stevens. Maybe it the eclectic soundtrack featuring Dr Octagon, Throwing Muses, Crosby Stills and Nash. Maybe it just reminds me of a moment in time, the good and the bad. Either way it fucking great and a shame its relatively unacknowledged. You can watch all the parts here.

1 comment
  1. Stefan said:

    Spot on. Also one of my favourite vids of that time. The other was the Unabomber ‘Unapromo’.

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