Nicolai Sclater – Ornamental Conifer


When I was at art college I had a friend called Lee, he was a great skater, but most notably when we were all studying graphics and getting all excited about Apple Macs and Photoshop, he chose to pursue the fine art of signwriting. I’d catch up with him at on the bus home and would take the piss that he was studying something so fusty and analog as paint and brushes. Secretly I was jealous when I would see him practicing on his designated window at college and I also loved hitting people with his stick with a pad on the end (a mahlstick). Anyway I lost touch with Lee but at least Nicolai Sclater is keeping the grand tradition of sign writing alive. I first became aware of Nicolais stuff from his work on motorcycles but for me I love seeing it best on actual signage, where it not only looks beautiful but also performs an important function and puts all modern methods to shame. See his blog here



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