Cannondale Track circa 92, go one then.

To say how integral cycling is to my daily life I’m always surprised how little I post about my bike. I’m lucky to be pretty content with its current set up which I’ve had for maybe five years. Never replaced a part just for the sake of it, only if bits have broken beyond repair or have worn out (chains, cogs, tyres). I get a great sense of satisfaction looking at down at it when riding and thinking, ‘hmm yeah you’re great, I wouldn’t change a thing on you’. Unlike my surfboards or cars which I never seem to be truly content with and always looking for the next one.

Whats the point of this post then, yeah so I don’t covet other bikes too often but every so often this particular ride crops up in a tumblr or blog and reminds me that an early 90s Cannondale Track is possibly the only upgrade I’d really consider. This lovely well worn specimin comes via


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