Find sweeping statements and ill informed opinions on music, art, design, fashion, people and anything with wheels or fins and a shitty attitude.

  1. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll. You should write more about food 🙂

    • wheelsontoast said:

      Cheers, I would but you seem to do it so well. Thanks for many a tip

  2. steiny said:

    lovely site- keep up the good work. steiny

    • wheelsontoast said:

      Cheers, good stuff on yours too.

  3. Thanks for putting us on your blogroll! Maximum shredding to commence!

    • wheelsontoast said:

      You’re welcome, Goons is one of my fav spots. Keep shredding.

  4. Andrew Allison said:

    Yes where the Liz giver lizard with the blond hair is it lost for ever 😦

  5. Andrew Allison said:

    your cute but ya not that cute lol

  6. Thanks for linking Numbskulls up brother! I’m liking your work.

    • wheelsontoast said:

      Cheers, likewise Numbskulls is a regular haunt for good stuff.

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