Some of you regular visitors might have noticed a drop in productivity here over in the last few months. Its not been because we’ve run out of rad stuff to enthuse about. Quite the opposite, we’ve been busy beavering away on our new site and the new chapter for Wheels On Toast.

Visit from now on where you’ll find the same (but better) blog stuff as always. Theres also a brand new section profiling brands and individuals we think deserve more then a lil old blog post. Finally theres a bit more info about the folks behind WOT and the other services we do if you’re so inclined to know.

Go on then, what are you waiting for, times a wasting.


Sure it’ll be less than ideal at doing anything other than cruising up and down your local Mainie* but just for nostalgic reasons I think this is rad. More here

*I wasn’t as hyped on Angry Boys as some folks were but this clip did make me smile. If you’re male and had a car licence when you we’re 17 or 18 you’ll probably have been guilty of doing a Mainie or 20.

Its rare that combining Hollywood and music ever produces something cool or funny but this is both. Probably every guy of a certain age has thought about dressing up as the Beasite Boys at some point in their life, whether for a gag or for serious. This is way cool and shows the universal love for the Beeeeee Bwoooooyyyyyyss!!! New level of props for Frodo too (especially after that terrible West Ham film)

I figured a Big Beat rewind is well overdue, I loved all that shit. Jeez I might dig out my Air Mocs, Stussy cargos n Duffer hoodie for the full experience. I saw an old episode of Streetmate on TV the other night, Davina Macalls garms were so Big Beat it hurt, sleeveless hooded fleece, massive denim dress skirt thing and Merrell sneaks, half the girls in Brighton still look like that! Great days, great days… Oh yeah and what happened to all the flyers?