My old mate Bill, self proclaimed bicycle idiot and denim jacket connoisseur has put together this cool little film about his most ambitious project to date. Bomberdrome, a bicycle wall of death, its rad and you should watch it. I believe its also available to hire for weddings, bar mitzvahs and funerals so get in touch here.



I passed the newly built Brighton Level skate park on my way to work today. Seeing the space when its empty really gives you a perspective of how amazing it is. Theres some good pictures here and here but they still don’t do justice to its size and quality. Aside for the various bowls and transitions there are loads of little details I’ve never noticed when its being skated. Things like solid marble blocks just like the ones outside your favourite shopping centre, (except without the skate stoppers) and protruding bent rails for pole jams (is that the right term?). Its just incredible to take in and really puts the shitty ‘RareUnit’ steel mini ramps we had in my day in perspective, (steel surfaced ramps, c’mon what were they thinking!!!)
Next door to the skate park is a lovely looking building thats about to become the home to VeloCafe, details seem to be few at the moment but I’m under the impression that its a cycling theme cafe, although its in partnership with Small Batch Coffee so you know you’ll get a great cup of Joe. Now this is something I intend to make good use of, as I jelously watch the lil skate rats shred the new park I can tell old skate stories whist sipping my flat white.

With all this activity on the Level and Meat Liquor opening nearby I’m just so stoked that my lil corner of Brighton is getting some long overdue love.

To say how integral cycling is to my daily life I’m always surprised how little I post about my bike. I’m lucky to be pretty content with its current set up which I’ve had for maybe five years. Never replaced a part just for the sake of it, only if bits have broken beyond repair or have worn out (chains, cogs, tyres). I get a great sense of satisfaction looking at down at it when riding and thinking, ‘hmm yeah you’re great, I wouldn’t change a thing on you’. Unlike my surfboards or cars which I never seem to be truly content with and always looking for the next one.

Whats the point of this post then, yeah so I don’t covet other bikes too often but every so often this particular ride crops up in a tumblr or blog and reminds me that an early 90s Cannondale Track is possibly the only upgrade I’d really consider. This lovely well worn specimin comes via