Some of you regular visitors might have noticed a drop in productivity here over in the last few months. Its not been because we’ve run out of rad stuff to enthuse about. Quite the opposite, we’ve been busy beavering away on our new site and the new chapter for Wheels On Toast.

Visit www.wheelsontoast.co.uk from now on where you’ll find the same (but better) blog stuff as always. Theres also a brand new section profiling brands and individuals we think deserve more then a lil old blog post. Finally theres a bit more info about the folks behind WOT and the other services we do if you’re so inclined to know.

Go on then, what are you waiting for, times a wasting. http://www.wheelsontoast.co.uk


I’ve been getting a bit jaded by my usual internet haunts of late and have been very happily getting lost in the printed word via Autobiography by Morrisssy and the latest copy of Jocks and Nerds. BUT one site I can always rely on delivering the goods with fresh inspiration is http://www.mksim.fr.

This shots from mksim’s instagram but you’ve got time drop by if you like bikes, surf, cars and general cool shit.

Merci beaucoup Maxime

The passing of Lou Reed the other week compelled me to listen to Velvet Underground and Nico for the first time since I was 16 and at art school. That bloody banana image reminds me of that time so much I’ve not been able to bring myself to listen to it in, well lets say a very, very long time. Turns out I still only think ‘its kinda okay’, for me Nicos wailing ruins it and I’ll will always prefer ‘Loaded’ from the VU back catalogue, nuff said.

Anyway during those art school years when I was channelling the ghosts of Haight Ashbury on a daily basis, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix also featured pretty highly in my walkman. As a result these two artists have also suffered the same fate as VU and Nico mentioned earlier.

Its only fairly recently that I’ve rediscovered both Jimi Hendrix and The Doors and have been regularly blown away by long forgotten album tracks and lesser know gems like the track above. ‘Far out man and stay off the brown acid’

This brilliant article here documents Zippos found in the fields of Vietnam. Its pretty poignant considering most of the owners of these never made it home and this is how these amazing photos have made it here. There is something very ritualistic about owning a zippo and I still remember the smell and sound of my old brass faithful that accompanied me everywhere when I was a smoker.

I’ve shamelessy re blogged this from Silodrome, which you should all visit.

I’ve seen this bike countless times but strangely never written about it. Well todays the day my friend, heres some rad pics of Christophe Canitrot’s Triumph. Boy is this special in so many ways, but its the Shimanno DX kick start and RatBones chain tensioner that tickle to my particular cultural reference points. Via

EASTSIDE automne hiver 2012 from christophe canitrot on Vimeo.

Also heres a nice little edit of Christophes shop in Toulouse featuring said ride.